Reasons Why You Should Always Make Sure to Eat before Heading to a Music Festival

You might have this fancy idea of music festivals. Based on the photos posted by people who have gone to a music festival, it seems like everything is perfect. They seem to be in heaven throughout the festival. They drink beer, jam with their favourite artists and wear crazy costumes.

This might be true, but it is usually not the case. When you are in a music festival, prepare to be in one of the most uncomfortable situations in your life.

To begin with, food is always scarce. Considering the number of people going to these music festivals and the food stores available, you will surely be hungry. You could not just fill your stomach with booze all day long. Music festivals are also in remote locations most of the times.

Finding a nearby restaurant could be a challenge.

This is why you are advised to eat first before heading to a music festival. While you still have access to fancy restaurants, go ahead and dine there. Use the best credit card for dining out in order to get rebates. Eat whatever you want. The moment you reach the location of the music festival, you might not find the food that you have been craving for. Some music festivals could go on for days. It means you will deprive yourself of great dishes for days too.

Always be ready

It is tough being in a music festival. You have limited food options. There are not hotels nearby, but they are usually too crowded. Some people can get rowdy. You just could not go home if you didn’t bring your vehicle with you to the festival. Once you start getting hungry, you won’t be in the mood to have fun. Your friends will also feel the same way. It could totally destroy your idea of what it is like to have fun in a music festival.

Take time to eat out before going to a music festival or bring lots of foods with you. Before focusing on your favourite bands, make sure you satisfy your basic needs first.

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How to Get That Body Which Impresses at the Next Music Festival

How to Get That Body Which Impresses at the Next Music FestivalPart of enjoying the music festival is being comfortable in your skin and looking your best possible self to turn some heads and potentially create some sparks that can go with the music.

Looking fit and snappy for the next music festival is a real challenge that takes a lot of preparation but it is not an impossible feat. You can definitely have that desirable body in time for the next night out if you follow these tips.

1. Plan ahead.

Crash dieting is an option but not highly recommended because of the yoyo effect of letting your body quickly gain back weight after you have lost it. The healthier option is to plan a gradual weight loss plan like 30 to 90 days before the big day. This way, you can have a distributed weight loss that will not lead to a drastic loss of body weight.

2. Get to know your body by being in tune with it (and love what you have!).

Every body is different. The high intensity tactical training (HITT) workout that works for your friend may not necessarily have the same results when you try it for yourself. Get to know the specific things that your body requires. For example, if you have less toned leg muscles, strength training for legs may be an ideal workout for you. If you have large arms, dumbbells may be your best friend. Work on the zones that require your concentration.

3. Find a fitness inspiration.

There are a lot of fitness gurus and inspirational models that you can look up to. Find the ones who you can relate to the most and find how they hack their way through a healthy body.

4. Exercise.

You can purchase or get some total body workout done in an elliptical while doing other life activities like watching TV and meditating in the morning before work. These are tiny life hacks that introduce fitness in your regular routine and need not be invasive or increasingly difficult to maintain. Make sure to look up the top 10 ellipticals so you can find one that suits your needs.

5. Detox.

Juicing with green smoothies and other colorful vegetables like carrots and beets are some of the good ways to have a form of detox that will allow you to get rid of toxins in your intestines and reduce the bloating that you are feeling. Just make sure that you are able to prepare because some people who detox through juicing experience side effects like mood swings and irritability.

6. Diet.

There are many types of diet. Oldies but goodies like the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, and many others are just some of the examples that you can use. A quick version is the cabbage soup diet, which lasts only for 7 days and ensures a quick weight loss. But it’s usually best to consult your GP for potential diet plans. Your GP can have an idea of your medical history and make proper recommendation on which of the diet plans you are considering will have the best results with your physiology.

7. Have regular and proper sleep.

Sleeping late causes an increase of stress hormones called cortisol, which deposits itself as fat in the lower abdomen. It also encourages midnight snacks and other diet deviations. Having a regular sleep cycle also ensures that you have enough rest and less inclination towards stress eating.

8. Drink lots of water.

Hydrate continuously so that nutrients do not have a hard time transporting itself in your body. Water will also give you that glow and kill acne or breakouts.

9. Affirm yourself.

Physical preparation is not enough towards having a good body. It must also come with a healthy body image so that you will not go over your recommended weight loss targets and develop conditions like anorexia or bulimia. Take care of your mental and emotional well-being. Your satisfaction with your efforts will also rely heavily on the healthy image that you have of yourself.

10. Shop for clothes that flatter your body’s features.

The truth is, not all bodies are picture perfect. There will be strengths and you need to capitalize on them. If you are an apple-shaped body type, for example, peplum tops are more flattering. If you are an hourglass figure, waist-hugging dresses are your best bet. Dress according to your body type and highlight the best body features that you naturally have.

Get your music buddies to join you in your quest for an awesome music festival body, and don’t forget that challenging things are best when they are enjoyed with the people we love!

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Top 5 Tips to Recover from a Long Night of Partying

Top 5 Tips to Recover from a Long Night of PartyingAfter a long night of partying; drinking, dancing to loud music, interacting with strangers or even worse, starting a fight in the club, you are likely to suffer from a hangover. Your head is spinning and this seems not to stop anytime soon. However, with proper detoxification, you can easily recover from an irritating hangover.


Remember your body is naturally 90% water. Much of the drinks you are likely to take up in a party, only 20% of it will be absorbed into the body. The remaining 80%, will take time to be absorbed into the body, hence the hangover. To aid in the neutralization of the remaining alcohol, keep that pitcher next to you and drink up.


A massage will increase circulation in your body. Blood and oxygen will get to different parts of the body; joints, brain and back, which are essentially important body parts to help you get to class or work, just to say the least. If you’re a regular at the clubs, it might be a good idea to invest in a massage chair since massage treatments at spas can get quite expensive. Compare massage chairs to see which one fits your needs and budget. Alternatively though, you can sweat out the alcohol by exercising if you’re short on the budget.

Take herbal teas, keep off caffeine

Fennel, chamomile or mint tea soothes and relaxes your guts, preventing you from vomiting. Green tea, soothes the head, especially when sweetened with honey. Keep off that shot of coffee, as it will dehydrate your body, which is the opposite of what you want.

Take an Antacid or Multivitamin Pill

An antacid will handle the high acidity levels in the stomach, while tackling feelings of indigestion in your guts. They contain bases; calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, vital in neutralizing acids from alcohol. A multivitamin pill counters the nausea feeling inside you. Keep of ‘miracle’ pills as they are blood thinners and are less likely going to cure your hangover.

Take a rest

Proper sleep helps in the proper restoration of the brain. This is because, this sleep will involve minimum rapid eye movement. Deprivation of sleep will worsen the symptoms of hangover.

After the Party How Do You Prevent a Hangover?

After the Party How Do You Prevent a HangoverWho doesn’t like to enjoy a great night out with friends with the latest music, a rocking DJ and some of the best alcohol to go with it? You may not get drunk if you drink a little of Bailey’s but if you’re drinking Tequila all night, expect the effects to be felt.

Getting drunk on a crazy night with friends is a great way to let yourself loose but the hangover that happens right after, can sure be a problem for all those who hate spending their night vomiting in the toilet or need to get up early the next morning.

Tips to Get Over that Bad Hangover

Well, the answer is simple. All you need to do is follow these simple tips to prevent a hangover, no matter how hard you party at night!

  • Never mix your drinks – Mixing drinks can cause your head to go for a spin and result in a bad hangover the next morning. Try to stick to one kind of drink the entire night and even if you want to try something else, do so in small quantities only.
  • Use a water softener – You may not know it but this is one of the easiest ways to get over your hangover. The kind of water that you consume, especially in your hard drinks plays a vital role in you getting a hangover or not. Using a water softener which gives you soft water has a string of benefits associated with it, one of which is not getting a hangover after a party. As the sodium content is higher in soft water as compared to hard water, it prevents the alcohol from hitting you too hard and dissolves most of it thereby preventing the hangover to a large extent.
  • Sleep well – Alcohol can interfere with your sleep and hamper both its quality and duration. Avoid staying up too late after the party and try to hit the bed as soon as possible. Also, try to sleep till late the next morning to make up for the lost sleep. This will also help reduce irritability and fatigue which might occur in the morning due to the hangover.
  • Drink loads of water – During the party and also after it, drink at least ten glasses of soft water which has been passed through a water softener. Alcohol can lead to dehydration, so it is better to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Thirst and headache are 2 of the main symptoms of a hangover and can be reduced by drinking a good amount of water during and after the party.
  • Avoid drinks with congeners – Ethanol is found in high quantities in alcoholic drinks and is an active ingredient in them. Congeners, which are its side products also get formed in such drinks and if present in good quantity, it has been proven to increase the intensity of the hangover and also its frequency. It is a good idea to avoid drinks such as tequila, whiskey, and cognac which have a high amount of congeners in them and can give you a pretty bad hangover.

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3 Tips for Perfect Post-Rave Slumber

rave-sleepRaves. A party of (usually) epic proportions which draws people together in a drug-induced electronic music dancefest. The original raves took place in abandoned warehouses of the UK in 1989. These underground parties spread through Europe, eventually taking on the United States and other countries worldwide.

Most people often associated the heavy use of drugs with raves. Cocaine, Ecstasy, methamphetamines, LSD, and psychedelic mushrooms enhance the electronic music and release inhibitions in a perfect recipe for dancing your ass off. As such, raves usually last until the sun comes up, where partygoers shield their dilated pupils from the sun and scurry away into some other darkness to find some much needed sleep.

Rave drugs aren’t the best concoctions for sleep. In fact, they do quite the opposite. If you’ve pulled an all-nighter at one of these EDM parties and want to get some shut-eye, follow these simple tips for the perfect post-rave slumber.

Here is a classic video from older raves:

Sleep in Complete Darkness

Dilated pupils, a side effect from many of the aforementioned party drugs, makes it easy for sunlight to enter your eyeballs, and send the message to your brain that it’s not yet time for bed. Trick your mind into shutting down by making sure the room is completely dark.

Put on Some Nature Sounds

If you don’t put on any music, your brain will create music on its own. Your body will want to move, and your feet will be tapping away. Similarly, if you put on music, your body will want to move and your feet will tap away. Ah, the effects of stimulants and psychedelics. To calm your mind and take it away to somewhere peaceful, put on some nature sounds where the rhythm is not consistent enough to make you feel the need to dance.

Get Comfortable

Stimulants have the quality of making your sense of touch super enhanced. Make sure the little annoyances of clothes don’t ruin your post-rave sleep by getting into bed with nothing on. If you’ve got comfortable sheets, that’s a bonus. For those that want to go the extra mile, invest in a good mattress. Memory foam mattresses can feel amazing after a much needed rest, and you can find reviews of the best ones online. When you wake up the next (ahem) evening, you won’t even feel like you were ravin’ your butt off the night before.

The Amazing Transition From Old School Raves To Zumba

trance-raveDid you used to go to raves, dance and party all night? But now that you are older and have more responsibilities, are you getting too busy to enjoy a proper night out? However, despite your busy schedule and your hectic days, do you still want to be able to dance away your stress without it being an all-out, all-night party? Well, if you want to dance and get some exercise at the same time, you should be happy to know that old school ravers are now taking to Zumba for their dancing fix. But what started this transition? Why did the raves get mostly shut down in exchange for Zumba sessions? If you want to find out why, then please do read on.

The Transition From Old School Raves To Zumba

Basically, a rave is a huge all-night party that featured different performances from live performers, disc jockeys (DJs), live bands and etc. The music typically played at raves was most commonly electronic dance music (EDM) such as house music, dubstep, breakbeat, hardcore techno, and etc.

Also before its commercialization, raves were commonly held at large venues which were kept hidden until the night of the said event. The venue of the rave was typically passed around through secret flyers, different websites and through text messaging. This secrecy was done in order to avoid police intervention. However, this secrecy also contributed to the abuse of illegal drugs at the venue which turned off some of ravers who were there to simply enjoy the music.

Due to this abuse and since raves became commercialized and sponsored therefore removing its element of secrecy, more and more people started to turn to Zumba in order to get their dancing fix. After all, it is the safer and healthier choice. Also as people got older, they started to look for alternative ways for them to dance while still being home in time for dinner with the family.

The abuse of illicit drugs, the commercialization of raves, and the growing number of responsibilities are just some of the reason why old school ravers are now turning to Zumba. It is their way of still enjoying themselves, while keeping themselves healthy and fit.

How the Modern DJ Carries his Gear

dj-gearDo you remember those youthful days when we all used to go to discos and dance to the sometimes questionable music of a sometimes questionable DJ? Do you remember the big, bulky speakers and equipment which would have to be lugged into the hall before each and every disco? Well, I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane because, well, that lifestyle doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t know when the last time you went to a disco was (hopefully you left that behind in the 80’s) but we DJ’s aren’t into carrying truckloads of equipment from place to place anymore. You see, in the age of the internet and beautifully slim and light laptops, only ‘retro’ DJ’s actually carry equipment around with them.

Out With the Old

So, the real question is, for all those interested, what do we carry instead? Well, everything I need for a gig is on my Apple Mac. It’s somewhat frightening and yet, at the same time, frighteningly brilliant. You see, rather than having to carry hundreds of boxes containing thousands of CD’s from place to place, I now have almost every single song downloaded onto my laptop. Neat, huh? So, rather than telling people that, no I cannot play their requested song because I do not have it in my cluttered CD boxes, all I have to do now is search for the song in question on my laptop and Voila! The latest chart hit is playing over the loudspeaker. It’s especially useful when I’m DJ-ing for a group of people who are too ‘cool’ for regular pop music and won’t stop requesting the latest deep house core hit.

Just Me and My Backpack

But, you all clamour and cry, how do I manage to carry my laptop from place to place? Some of you might label this as a stupid question but, if you have to cycle to most gigs (especially if they’re local) like me, you do not want to have an expensive laptop perched precariously on your bike handles, do you? Well, thankfully, there is an extremely simple solution; a laptop backpack. They’re lightweight and they keep my precious laptop safe from the rain (if you’re a DJ in a rainy place, you must invest in one, if you haven’t already) as well as protecting it, to a certain degree, from nasty bumps and scrapes. You don’t even have to buy an expensive backpack; you could just head down to your local outdoors store and see what backpacks they have to offer. Regular backpacks do the job just fine so, where possible, don’t waste your money on unnecessary equipment.

The world is an ever-changing place so, in twenty years’ time, I will probably be told that my laptop is outdated and that, DJ’s use micro-chips to store their songs on these days. Then again, in twenty years’ time, I’ll probably be a bit long in the tooth to traipse around the country playing at discos and eighteenth birthday parties.

The Easy Croydon Rave: Partying South of London

croydon-raveLondon is known for its busy and bright rave scene — it is, after all, one of the cities in which the whole deal started. Interestingly, in the beginning, these raves were legal, but as they became increasingly associated with drugs and other seedy aspects of the underground culture, they were, for all of their creative flair and energetic dancing, banned under the law. This, of course, never stops anything, and raves continued to be organised and executed all over the country. And this continues today — but, if you keep an eye on the news, you’ll certainly know this.

I am talking, of course, about the recent rave that took place in East Croydon, south of London. The event, which took place at a disused sorting office in the municipality, attracted an estimated 1,300. Partygoers dressed for the occasion, many sporting glow sticks and other such apparel, and spent the night dancing to performances given by DJs playing mostly new songs from their repertoire. The exceptional number of people in attendance is due to the event’s having been advertised widely on Facebook (and possibly on other social networks, as well), primarily by people roughly around the age of 18 years old.

Not all raves are roiling centers of absolute madness, as the media tends to try to convince the population in general, but sometimes, things do go wrong, and that was certainly the case at the disused warehouse. Multiple attendees said the rave was “crazy”, initially in a positive sense, but, later, in reference to panic and violence that broke out for reasons as-yet undetermined. Sixteen people were arrested in relation to the rave, nine during the event itself; the windows of one police van were smashed in; and missiles were thrown at officers who attempted to stop people from getting close to the building.

Multiple injuries have been recorded, and, lamentably, one death, that of 15 year old RIo Andrew, who fell ill at the event. The particular details of the death have not been recorded, but the police are, appropriately, responding to the tragedy by attempting to determine who is responsible for advertising such events in order to curtail their occurrence. Given the information currently available, it does not seem as if Mr Andrew did anything especially irresponsible, and as such, there is a vigorous investigation into the details of his death, so as to ensure that those responsible, if there is indeed a guilty party, will be brought to justice.

The police force cite this event as an example of why parties of this sort must be regulated and registered. If someone falls ill at a sanctioned event, there is much greater probability of their being attended to properly, which may have been enough, in this instance, to save a life. More news is being gathered by those investigating, and will be circulated as soon as it is made available.