3 Tips for Perfect Post-Rave Slumber

rave-sleepRaves. A party of (usually) epic proportions which draws people together in a drug-induced electronic music dancefest. The original raves took place in abandoned warehouses of the UK in 1989. These underground parties spread through Europe, eventually taking on the United States and other countries worldwide.

Most people often associated the heavy use of drugs with raves. Cocaine, Ecstasy, methamphetamines, LSD, and psychedelic mushrooms enhance the electronic music and release inhibitions in a perfect recipe for dancing your ass off. As such, raves usually last until the sun comes up, where partygoers shield their dilated pupils from the sun and scurry away into some other darkness to find some much needed sleep.

Rave drugs aren’t the best concoctions for sleep. In fact, they do quite the opposite. If you’ve pulled an all-nighter at one of these EDM parties and want to get some shut-eye, follow these simple tips for the perfect post-rave slumber.

Here is a classic video from older raves:

Sleep in Complete Darkness

Dilated pupils, a side effect from many of the aforementioned party drugs, makes it easy for sunlight to enter your eyeballs, and send the message to your brain that it’s not yet time for bed. Trick your mind into shutting down by making sure the room is completely dark.

Put on Some Nature Sounds

If you don’t put on any music, your brain will create music on its own. Your body will want to move, and your feet will be tapping away. Similarly, if you put on music, your body will want to move and your feet will tap away. Ah, the effects of stimulants and psychedelics. To calm your mind and take it away to somewhere peaceful, put on some nature sounds where the rhythm is not consistent enough to make you feel the need to dance.

Get Comfortable

Stimulants have the quality of making your sense of touch super enhanced. Make sure the little annoyances of clothes don’t ruin your post-rave sleep by getting into bed with nothing on. If you’ve got comfortable sheets, that’s a bonus. For those that want to go the extra mile, invest in a good mattress. Memory foam mattresses can feel amazing after a much needed rest, and you can find reviews of the best ones online. When you wake up the next (ahem) evening, you won’t even feel like you were ravin’ your butt off the night before.