Top 5 Tips to Recover from a Long Night of Partying

Top 5 Tips to Recover from a Long Night of PartyingAfter a long night of partying; drinking, dancing to loud music, interacting with strangers or even worse, starting a fight in the club, you are likely to suffer from a hangover. Your head is spinning and this seems not to stop anytime soon. However, with proper detoxification, you can easily recover from an irritating hangover.


Remember your body is naturally 90% water. Much of the drinks you are likely to take up in a party, only 20% of it will be absorbed into the body. The remaining 80%, will take time to be absorbed into the body, hence the hangover. To aid in the neutralization of the remaining alcohol, keep that pitcher next to you and drink up.


A massage will increase circulation in your body. Blood and oxygen will get to different parts of the body; joints, brain and back, which are essentially important body parts to help you get to class or work, just to say the least. If you’re a regular at the clubs, it might be a good idea to invest in a massage chair since massage treatments at spas can get quite expensive. Compare massage chairs to see which one fits your needs and budget. Alternatively though, you can sweat out the alcohol by exercising if you’re short on the budget.

Take herbal teas, keep off caffeine

Fennel, chamomile or mint tea soothes and relaxes your guts, preventing you from vomiting. Green tea, soothes the head, especially when sweetened with honey. Keep off that shot of coffee, as it will dehydrate your body, which is the opposite of what you want.

Take an Antacid or Multivitamin Pill

An antacid will handle the high acidity levels in the stomach, while tackling feelings of indigestion in your guts. They contain bases; calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, vital in neutralizing acids from alcohol. A multivitamin pill counters the nausea feeling inside you. Keep of ‘miracle’ pills as they are blood thinners and are less likely going to cure your hangover.

Take a rest

Proper sleep helps in the proper restoration of the brain. This is because, this sleep will involve minimum rapid eye movement. Deprivation of sleep will worsen the symptoms of hangover.