After the Party How Do You Prevent a Hangover?

After the Party How Do You Prevent a HangoverWho doesn’t like to enjoy a great night out with friends with the latest music, a rocking DJ and some of the best alcohol to go with it? You may not get drunk if you drink a little of Bailey’s but if you’re drinking Tequila all night, expect the effects to be felt.

Getting drunk on a crazy night with friends is a great way to let yourself loose but the hangover that happens right after, can sure be a problem for all those who hate spending their night vomiting in the toilet or need to get up early the next morning.

Tips to Get Over that Bad Hangover

Well, the answer is simple. All you need to do is follow these simple tips to prevent a hangover, no matter how hard you party at night!

  • Never mix your drinks – Mixing drinks can cause your head to go for a spin and result in a bad hangover the next morning. Try to stick to one kind of drink the entire night and even if you want to try something else, do so in small quantities only.
  • Use a water softener – You may not know it but this is one of the easiest ways to get over your hangover. The kind of water that you consume, especially in your hard drinks plays a vital role in you getting a hangover or not. Using a water softener which gives you soft water has a string of benefits associated with it, one of which is not getting a hangover after a party. As the sodium content is higher in soft water as compared to hard water, it prevents the alcohol from hitting you too hard and dissolves most of it thereby preventing the hangover to a large extent.
  • Sleep well – Alcohol can interfere with your sleep and hamper both its quality and duration. Avoid staying up too late after the party and try to hit the bed as soon as possible. Also, try to sleep till late the next morning to make up for the lost sleep. This will also help reduce irritability and fatigue which might occur in the morning due to the hangover.
  • Drink loads of water – During the party and also after it, drink at least ten glasses of soft water which has been passed through a water softener. Alcohol can lead to dehydration, so it is better to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Thirst and headache are 2 of the main symptoms of a hangover and can be reduced by drinking a good amount of water during and after the party.
  • Avoid drinks with congeners – Ethanol is found in high quantities in alcoholic drinks and is an active ingredient in them. Congeners, which are its side products also get formed in such drinks and if present in good quantity, it has been proven to increase the intensity of the hangover and also its frequency. It is a good idea to avoid drinks such as tequila, whiskey, and cognac which have a high amount of congeners in them and can give you a pretty bad hangover.

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