How the Modern DJ Carries his Gear

dj-gearDo you remember those youthful days when we all used to go to discos and dance to the sometimes questionable music of a sometimes questionable DJ? Do you remember the big, bulky speakers and equipment which would have to be lugged into the hall before each and every disco? Well, I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane because, well, that lifestyle doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t know when the last time you went to a disco was (hopefully you left that behind in the 80’s) but we DJ’s aren’t into carrying truckloads of equipment from place to place anymore. You see, in the age of the internet and beautifully slim and light laptops, only ‘retro’ DJ’s actually carry equipment around with them.

Out With the Old

So, the real question is, for all those interested, what do we carry instead? Well, everything I need for a gig is on my Apple Mac. It’s somewhat frightening and yet, at the same time, frighteningly brilliant. You see, rather than having to carry hundreds of boxes containing thousands of CD’s from place to place, I now have almost every single song downloaded onto my laptop. Neat, huh? So, rather than telling people that, no I cannot play their requested song because I do not have it in my cluttered CD boxes, all I have to do now is search for the song in question on my laptop and Voila! The latest chart hit is playing over the loudspeaker. It’s especially useful when I’m DJ-ing for a group of people who are too ‘cool’ for regular pop music and won’t stop requesting the latest deep house core hit.

Just Me and My Backpack

But, you all clamour and cry, how do I manage to carry my laptop from place to place? Some of you might label this as a stupid question but, if you have to cycle to most gigs (especially if they’re local) like me, you do not want to have an expensive laptop perched precariously on your bike handles, do you? Well, thankfully, there is an extremely simple solution; a laptop backpack. They’re lightweight and they keep my precious laptop safe from the rain (if you’re a DJ in a rainy place, you must invest in one, if you haven’t already) as well as protecting it, to a certain degree, from nasty bumps and scrapes. You don’t even have to buy an expensive backpack; you could just head down to your local outdoors store and see what backpacks they have to offer. Regular backpacks do the job just fine so, where possible, don’t waste your money on unnecessary equipment.

The world is an ever-changing place so, in twenty years’ time, I will probably be told that my laptop is outdated and that, DJ’s use micro-chips to store their songs on these days. Then again, in twenty years’ time, I’ll probably be a bit long in the tooth to traipse around the country playing at discos and eighteenth birthday parties.