How to Get That Body Which Impresses at the Next Music Festival

How to Get That Body Which Impresses at the Next Music FestivalPart of enjoying the music festival is being comfortable in your skin and looking your best possible self to turn some heads and potentially create some sparks that can go with the music.

Looking fit and snappy for the next music festival is a real challenge that takes a lot of preparation but it is not an impossible feat. You can definitely have that desirable body in time for the next night out if you follow these tips.

1. Plan ahead.

Crash dieting is an option but not highly recommended because of the yoyo effect of letting your body quickly gain back weight after you have lost it. The healthier option is to plan a gradual weight loss plan like 30 to 90 days before the big day. This way, you can have a distributed weight loss that will not lead to a drastic loss of body weight.

2. Get to know your body by being in tune with it (and love what you have!).

Every body is different. The high intensity tactical training (HITT) workout that works for your friend may not necessarily have the same results when you try it for yourself. Get to know the specific things that your body requires. For example, if you have less toned leg muscles, strength training for legs may be an ideal workout for you. If you have large arms, dumbbells may be your best friend. Work on the zones that require your concentration.

3. Find a fitness inspiration.

There are a lot of fitness gurus and inspirational models that you can look up to. Find the ones who you can relate to the most and find how they hack their way through a healthy body.

4. Exercise.

You can purchase or get some total body workout done in an elliptical while doing other life activities like watching TV and meditating in the morning before work. These are tiny life hacks that introduce fitness in your regular routine and need not be invasive or increasingly difficult to maintain. Make sure to look up the top 10 ellipticals so you can find one that suits your needs.

5. Detox.

Juicing with green smoothies and other colorful vegetables like carrots and beets are some of the good ways to have a form of detox that will allow you to get rid of toxins in your intestines and reduce the bloating that you are feeling. Just make sure that you are able to prepare because some people who detox through juicing experience side effects like mood swings and irritability.

6. Diet.

There are many types of diet. Oldies but goodies like the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, and many others are just some of the examples that you can use. A quick version is the cabbage soup diet, which lasts only for 7 days and ensures a quick weight loss. But it’s usually best to consult your GP for potential diet plans. Your GP can have an idea of your medical history and make proper recommendation on which of the diet plans you are considering will have the best results with your physiology.

7. Have regular and proper sleep.

Sleeping late causes an increase of stress hormones called cortisol, which deposits itself as fat in the lower abdomen. It also encourages midnight snacks and other diet deviations. Having a regular sleep cycle also ensures that you have enough rest and less inclination towards stress eating.

8. Drink lots of water.

Hydrate continuously so that nutrients do not have a hard time transporting itself in your body. Water will also give you that glow and kill acne or breakouts.

9. Affirm yourself.

Physical preparation is not enough towards having a good body. It must also come with a healthy body image so that you will not go over your recommended weight loss targets and develop conditions like anorexia or bulimia. Take care of your mental and emotional well-being. Your satisfaction with your efforts will also rely heavily on the healthy image that you have of yourself.

10. Shop for clothes that flatter your body’s features.

The truth is, not all bodies are picture perfect. There will be strengths and you need to capitalize on them. If you are an apple-shaped body type, for example, peplum tops are more flattering. If you are an hourglass figure, waist-hugging dresses are your best bet. Dress according to your body type and highlight the best body features that you naturally have.

Get your music buddies to join you in your quest for an awesome music festival body, and don’t forget that challenging things are best when they are enjoyed with the people we love!

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