The Amazing Transition From Old School Raves To Zumba

trance-raveDid you used to go to raves, dance and party all night? But now that you are older and have more responsibilities, are you getting too busy to enjoy a proper night out? However, despite your busy schedule and your hectic days, do you still want to be able to dance away your stress without it being an all-out, all-night party? Well, if you want to dance and get some exercise at the same time, you should be happy to know that old school ravers are now taking to Zumba for their dancing fix. But what started this transition? Why did the raves get mostly shut down in exchange for Zumba sessions? If you want to find out why, then please do read on.

The Transition From Old School Raves To Zumba

Basically, a rave is a huge all-night party that featured different performances from live performers, disc jockeys (DJs), live bands and etc. The music typically played at raves was most commonly electronic dance music (EDM) such as house music, dubstep, breakbeat, hardcore techno, and etc.

Also before its commercialization, raves were commonly held at large venues which were kept hidden until the night of the said event. The venue of the rave was typically passed around through secret flyers, different websites and through text messaging. This secrecy was done in order to avoid police intervention. However, this secrecy also contributed to the abuse of illegal drugs at the venue which turned off someĀ of ravers who were there to simply enjoy the music.

Due to this abuse and since raves became commercialized and sponsored therefore removing its element of secrecy, more and more people started to turn to Zumba in order to get their dancing fix. After all, it is the safer and healthier choice. Also as people got older, they started to look for alternative ways for them to dance while still being home in time for dinner with the family.

The abuse of illicit drugs, the commercialization of raves, and the growing number of responsibilities are just some of the reason why old school ravers are now turning to Zumba. It is their way of still enjoying themselves, while keeping themselves healthy and fit.